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Carbon Rims/Wheels Test

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Carbon Rims/Wheels Test

LightCarbon Carbon Rims And Wheels Quality Control And Testing

LightCarbon have strict quality control process and testing to make sure we deliver excellent quality carbon rims and wheels to customers. Every new product is tested for quality before it goes on sale to ensure durability and strength. After mass production, each batch of samples will be randomly tested to ensure the consistency of quality. Our rims need to go through a series of destructive and non-destructive tests. The main test consists of the following six test items: Spoke Tension Test, Inflation Test, Vertical Rigidity Test,Lateral Rigidity Test, Braking Test, Impact Test.

Spoke Tension Test Inflation Test Vertical Rigidity Test
Spoke Tension Test Inflation Test Vertical Rigidity Test

Lateral Rigidity Test

Braking Test

Impact Test

Lateral Rigidity Test Braking Test Impact Test

Quality control is from original top-level design to every production process.

Main process are Mold Check and Dimension Check:

Mold Check

1, Before each batch of production, check the mold condition to ensure that the mold and locking condition is good and clean.

2, After each batch of production, clean the mold again and put it in the special shelf marked with mold number.

3, Check whether the mold are classified as per Road and MTB, height and width of rims.

Dimension Check

1, After each process is completed, dimension check is carried out before proceeding to the next process.

2, Dimension check includes rim width, height, flatness, roundness, valve hole diameter, spoke hole diameter, hole distance, etc.

3, Check the edge finish to make sure there are no wrinkles or air bubbles.

Carbon Rim & Wheels QC And Testing

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