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Inflation Test

Inflation Test for LightCarbon Rims

Carbon rim inflation test is a procedure to determine the maximum safe tire pressure that can be used with a carbon fiber wheel rim. This test is important because carbon fiber rims have different properties than traditional aluminum rims and may not be able to withstand the same amount of pressure. In this test, two parameters, flatness and roundness, were mainly adopted to reflect the qualification.

Flatness refers to whether the rim is warped or bent and is no longer perfectly flat. This can cause the wheel to wobble and create vibrations when driving, which can be felt in the steering wheel or throughout the vehicle. Roundness refers to whether the rim is perfectly round or not. If the rim is not perfectly round, it can also cause the wheel to wobble and create vibrations when driving.

Below is an example case of inflation tension on LightCarbon mtb road disc brake road rim RD25-38C:

Xiamen LightCarbon Composite Technology Co., Ltd.
Inflation Test Report
Rim Model: RD25-38C Test Item: Inflation Tension
Test Date: 2022/6/19 Weight: 390g
Weave: UD Quantity: 1PCS
Max Air Pressure: 140 psi Hole: 24H
Test Condition: 1. Inflate to 140 psi air pressure on valve hole to test.
2. Place the rim on the test turntable and align the dial indicator with the middle of the brake edge.
3. Turn the rim once and record the maximum and minimum values of the dial indicator. The difference between the two is the flatness of the brake edge.
Testing Standard: 1. No acute noise, buldge or deformation after Inflating to 140 psi.
2. Brake edge flatness ≤0.3mm. Rim roundness ≤0.3mm.
Test Result: 1. No acute noise, buldge or deformation.
2. Flatness 0.15mm. Roundess 0.2mm.
Photo of testing: Photo of testing
Final Judgment: Qulified (Pass)

Inflating Test Video

Flatness And Roundness Test Video

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