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LightCarbon Customized Painting And Decal

LightCarbon provides customized logo (decal) and color painting service for our carbon bike frames, wheels, rims, as well as other carbon components. Once your logo provided, our designer can help to apply it on our design template, and create an artwork for your confirmation. The following table shows the optional color code that LightCarbon supplies for spray color paint (mainly for carbon frames).

Logo/graphics/letters are made as decal, which is relatively easier than spray color paint. For decals, color is not limited to following table, and we can make almost all color from Pantone Solid Coated Color Code.

Classic Color Code (for both spray color paint and decal)
Color Code Nickname Image Color Code Nickname Image
PANTONE 185C Bright Red PANTONE 185C PANTONE 2995C Sky Blue PANTONE 2995C
PANTONE Yellow C Banana Yellow PANTONE Yellow C PANTONE 2728C Vivid Blue PANTONE 2728C
PANTONE 151C Blaze Orange PANTONE 151C PANTONE 527C Grape Purple PANTONE 527C
PANTONE 2290C Bright Green PANTONE 2290C PANTONE Cool Gray 7C Light Gray PANTONE Cool Gray 7C
PANTONE 332C Celeste Blue PANTONE 332C PANTONE Cool Gray 10C Dark Gray PANTONE Cool Gray 10C
Black Pure Black Black White Pure White White
PANTONE 877C Metallic Silver PANTONE 877C
Metallic Gold PANTONE 873C
YS 782 Pearl Yellow YS 782 YS 3293 Ferrari Red YS 3293
YS 7933 Pearl Orange YS 7933 YS 7935 British Racing Green YS 7935
YS 9070 Pearl White YS 9070 YS 3003-1 Glittering Gold
Glittering Gold

Chameleon Series (for spray color paint)
Color Code Nickname Image
LCB-01HS Chameleon 01HS Chameleon 01HS
LCB-02HS Chameleon 02HS Chameleon 02HS
LCB-04HS Chameleon 04HS Chameleon 04HS
LCB-07HS Chameleon 07HS Chameleon 07HS
LCB-08HS Chameleon 08HS Chameleon 08HS
LCB-13HS Chameleon 13HS Chameleon 13HS
LCB-7207 Chameleon 7207 Chameleon 7207

Crystal Effect Series (for spray color paint)
Color Code Nickname Image
LCB-901GD Crystal Effect [Blue] Crystal Effect [Blue]
LCB-902GD Crystal Effect [Red] Crystal Effect [Red]
LCB-903GD Crystal Effect [Silver] Crystal Effect [Silver]
LCB-904GD Crystal Effect [Gold] Crystal Effect [Gold]
LCB-905GD Crystal Effect [White] Crystal Effect [White]
LCB-906GD Crystal Effect [Copper] Crystal Effect [Copper]

You can click below picture (will jump to another page) to see more pictures of painted frames that LightCarbon ever made.

click to see more pictures of LightCarbon painted frames

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