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  • LightCarbon Introduces All New Enduro Bike Carbon Frame - LCFS948
    • Dec 20,2023

    As China leading carbon frame developer and manufacturer, LightCarbon has full range of full suspension MTB carbon frames for XC, Trail, All Mountain, Enduro and Down Hill. Considering the options of carbon enduro frame are still limited in the market, to meet the growing demand for modern enduro carbon frames, we create a new one. LightCarbon LCFS948 is an all new design full suspension carbon en...

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  • LightCarbon Carbon Foldable Ebike LCE-XO
    • Dec 08,2023

    LightCarbon Foldable Carbon Ebike LCE-XO We are happy to introduce our all new foldable ebike LCE-XO. LCE-XO with the carbon fiber frame and carbon fiber fork, which made by Toray T700 mixed T800 high modulus carbon fiber layers. So the martial make the foldable ebike strength and comfortable . Basic information Expand Size 1620mm*595mm*900mm Folding size 850*405*700mm N.W 15.5KG G.W 21K...

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  • Bafang Upgrade Version of M510 Motor Engine
    • Apr 25,2022

    In 2022, Bafang launched the upgraded product M510 mid-motor, which is a further innovative development of the product based on the continuation of M500's sturdy advantages and stringent standards. As one of the world's leading manufacturers of e-bike drive systems, Bafang is committed to providing advanced motor system solutions and continues to innovate and power up with the heavy launch of a ne...

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  • A Strange Little Hole in the Bicycle Rim - Drain Hole
    • Apr 15,2022

    There are many holes on the bicycle rim, a rim has a spoke hole, valve holes and internal install holes, there is also a small hole drilled in the surface of the rim, this hole for some people who do not know much about the bicycle industry will feel very strange, that is the drain hole. Many people will feel very strange, is it necessary to drill this hole in the rim, did this hole will affe...

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  • Let Us Help you Build Up your Dream Bicycle
    • Sep 18,2021

    LIGHTCARBON is committed to providing high quality and high performance carbon fiber bike frames, we can provide hardtail and full suspension mountain bike frames, as well as lightweight and aerodynamic road frames and the most popular gravel frames, as long as you can think of most of the frames we can help you achieve. In our showroom we have a wide range of products that are liked and sold by o...

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  • LCFS958 trial carbon frame complete bike review by Zach.DeBruine
    • Sep 17,2021

    This is The repost of the LCFS958 review, this repost aim to let more riders who are ready to order this frame know about this frame.  It was orinagl review by Zach.DeBruine The FS958 might just be the most visually assaulting and forward-thinking carbon frame that’s shipped consumer-direct by the factory. Even Pinkbike’s Brian Park cautiously praised it in his article on “5 surpris...

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  • ASD design carbon MTB rims
    • Aug 29,2018

    It is a trend that more and more mountain bike rims are with asymmetric design. Wheelsets built with asymmetric rims are of better strength, stiffness and durability. Because asymmetric rims help to equalize the spoke tensions between drive side and non-drive side. How? For mountain bike wheelset with disc brakes, the center of rear hub (Point A) is not in the same position of the center of flange...

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