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LightCarbon -China Head Office

Add: 4/F, NO.3 Bldg, Longtou Industrial Zone, 

NO.9 Xingmei Road, Xiamen, 361022, China

Tel: +86-592-6380131


Skype: Wendy | LightCarbon


LightCarbon -Europe

Add: Tilburgseweg 53, 5051 AB Goirle, Netherlands 

Tel: +31-644943524



Contact: Mr. Joost Mutsaers

Skype: joost.mutsaers_2        


LightCarbon China has established partnership with JMCARBONFRAME, and set up LightCarbon Europe sample showroom and warehouse in Tiburg, Netherlands.

Mr. Joost Mutsaers is in charge of LightCarbon Europe. 

At this stage, LightCarbon Europe mainly supplies carbon frames and components to customers in Netherlands and Belgium, and offer after-sale service. 

Besides, for customers from any other European countries, if you’d like to see LightCarbon products before purchasing, you can make an appointment with Joost and visit showroom in Netherlands.

Seeing our products with your own eyes, having a face-to-face talk would be helpful for you to choose a longer-term business partner.

If you'd like to get sample soonest, you can take the sample from Netherlands warehouse directly.

The main advantages of LightCarbon Europe are:

 Quick reply

Mr. Joost speaks both English and Dutch perfectly, and will reply your message quickly (normally within 8 hours, even at the weekend). 

In case you have something urgent, Joost can be reached by phone call as well.

 Custom design service

If you’d like to make customized painting in Europe for personal use, Joost can help you with it.

About customized decal and painting for mass order, you can contact LightCarbon China for lower cost to do painting in China.

Custom bike building

If you’d like to build a new bike with LightCarbon frame for personal use, Joost could also help you with it.

He will check the groupset and components with you, and let you know the feasibility and lead time.

Fast delivery

As there are some stock in LightCarbon Europe warehouse in Netherlands, if you need samples soonest urgently, you can purchase it from LightCarbon Europe directly. 

Samples from Netherlands will reach you in Europe very soon.

No import duty worries

For all stock in LightCarbon Europe warehouse, there will be no customs duty if ship to any other countries within Europe. 

Besides, if the customs duty is high in your country, or you have difficulty importing from China directly, you can also purchase from LightCarbon Europe.

Excellent after-sale service

For any frames purchased from LightCarbon Europe, you can get after-sale service in Europe conveniently.

Such as bike assembly inquiry, size exchange, after-sale issues solving and replacement, etc.

Even for those frames bought from LightCarbon China, Joost would also offer the service he can.

LightCarbon Europe Showroom and Warehouse
LightCarbon Europe showroom and shop

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    If you have questions or suggestions,please leave us a message,we will reply you as soon as we can!