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Vertical Rigidity Test

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Vertical Rigidity Test

Vertical Rigidity Test for LightCarbon Rims

The vertical rigidity test on bike rims is performed to determine the stiffness or rigidity of the rim, which is a key factor in the overall performance and handling of a bicycle. The stiffness of the rim can affect the responsiveness of the bike, the control and stability of the ride, and the transmission of power from the rider to the road.

A stiffer rim will generally provide a more responsive and direct feel, while a more flexible rim may provide a smoother and more comfortable ride. However, too much flex in the rim can also negatively impact handling and stability, as well as reduce the efficiency of power transfer.

By performing the vertical rigidity Test on bike rims, manufacturers and riders can obtain important information about the stiffness of the rim and make informed decisions about the best rims for a given riding style or performance goal. Additionally, the results of the test can be used to compare and evaluate different rim designs and materials, and to make improvements in the quality and performance of bike rims.

Below is an example case of vertical rigidity test on LightCarbon road rim RD25-38C :

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Vertical Rigidity Test Report
Rim Model: RD25-38C Test Item: Vertical Rigidity
Test Date: 2022/6/12 Weight: 387g
Weave: UD Quantity: 1PCS
Load: 40.14kgf Hole: 24H
Test Condition: Apply 40kgf force, test for 3 times.
Test Standard: Should be no crack on rim after applying 40kgf force.
Test Result: Position No. Max Load Max Deformation
#1 40.14kgf 2.46mm
#2 40.14kgf 2.45mm
#3 40.14kgf 2.44mm
Max deformation=3.1, when withdraw force to 0 kgf, deformation=0 mm.
Test Position: Valve hole plus 2 random positions.
Photo Of Test: Carbon Rim Vertical Rigidity Test
Final Judgment: Qulified (Pass)

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