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LightCarbon Released New Logo - Meet New LC

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LightCarbon Released New Logo - Meet New LC

  • Mar. 17,2023

Thank you for your continued interest in LightCarbon.

Better product, service and better user experience have always been the goal of LightCarbon. Till 2023, LightCarbon has been specialized in carbon bike components developing and manufacturing for over 10 years. Our advantage products are carbon bike frames, including Road/Gravel/MTB bike frames, as well as carbon E-Bike frames (optional in both Bafang motor and Shimano motor) in China.

To improve our brand image, apart from continuous improving product and service, we are also trying to make better painting, as well as a better looking logo and trademark.

In March, 2023, we officially released our new LC and LIGHTCARBON logo.

As you can see in following picture, new version is on the left hand side and old version is on the right hand side.

LightCarbon logo new vs old

This change is not just a graphic design change, the new LOGO also represents the development and direction of LC brand. Our company will continue to attach importance to technological innovation, product quality and professionalism.

In the future, our company will still insist on R&D and production of more carbon fiber products with top-end technology and supper quality. The three color consist of red, white and black means we will never forgot our original intention.The more rounded shape symbolized by our pursuit of technology progress.

From now on, the brand new logos has been used on LC's website/ media / platform, and related product promotion materials, technical materials, product appearance, etc. will be gradually replaced with the new version of the Logo, and the old logo will no longer be used.

If you are still using old LC Logo, please replace it with the new one as soon as possible. Thanks for your understanding and sorry for any inconveniences caused.

New logo leads us to a new journey. Welcome to visit LightCarbon and meet new LC!

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