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E-bike Frame Motor Engine Summary

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E-bike Frame Motor Engine Summary

  • Dec. 15,2022

Whether you ride it or not, the worldwide electric-assist bicycle boom is unstoppable. And when it comes to electric-assisted bicycles, the motor is a topic that cannot be avoided. Focus on this area, it can be said that the eight immortals to show their talents, there is a whole vehicle brand to take the plunge into the electric power, there are accessories factory full bloom, organic industrial enterprises traffic leader down the field, and "born" to engage in electric power bicycle motor ...... Today, we summarized some of the main motor brands for your reference as below.


Country: Germany

Founded: 1886

Bosch was founded by Robert Bosch in Stuttgart, Germany, and is today a large multinational supplier of engineering technology equipment.

Bosch has a wide range of electric-assisted vehicles, which can be mainly divided into Active Line, Performance Line, and Cargo Line.

The Active Line series is mainly used for commuting, with a 40Nm torque output providing mild acceleration performance, while publicity-wise the company positions it as a good helper for users' city road cruising, with a design speed of 20mph (about 32km/h). It is worth mentioning that this motor won the 2017 Red Dot Award for product design in Germany for its elegant exterior design.

Red Dot Award-winning Active Line series motors

The Performance Line series is designed to provide comprehensive sports performance support and is divided into Cruise, Sport and Speed products, with Cruise outputting 65Nm of torque and Speed providing 85Nm of torque output, and Sport and Speed reaching a maximum speed of 28mph. Line is equipped with a new generation of drive units, which can provide riders with a more natural riding experience and less resistance at high pedaling frequencies; users can also choose from the PowerTube series of batteries to provide higher power or longer endurance.

The Cargo Line series of mid-drive motors are designed for freight transport and are powerful in handling heavy loads. The motor corresponds to Bosch's new software to be released in 2021. The Cargo Line's predecessor has improved pedal matching at lower speeds for easy starting and slow riding when carrying heavy loads. The 2.9kg motor has a peak power of 1250w and provides 85Nm of torque, making it useful for carrying cargo even on steep slopes, and is available in 25mph and 45mph speed limit versions, with a maximum load of 250kg. Bosch engineers have optimized the cooling function with special designs in terms of surface area and shape. This series is designed to provide a sustainable, low-noise alternative to fuel-fired motor vehicles used for inner-city freight transport, and has a positive impact on the issue of carbon peaking and carbon neutrality.

Use Bosch motor eBike Brand - Focus

Brand: Yamaha
Country: Japan
Founded: 1887
Also a comprehensive company, Yamaha is more than just motorcycles.
Since 1993, Yamaha has been seeking innovation in pedal assist systems and producing electric bike motors for various scenarios. These motors are part of its PW product line, which now includes the PW-X3, PWseries ST, PWseries TE, PWseries CE, PW-X2 45, and many others. And the CE series is its new series designed for commuting.

The innovative point of Yamaha PW CE motor is its silent feature. At the same time, this motor weighs 2.9kg, has a maximum power of 250w and provides an output torque of 50Nm, which is basically sufficient for inner-city slopes.

The design that fits the frame is a major selling point of PW CE

This product offers a more comfortable riding experience, and other features include Walk Assist, a feature designed for off-road pushing scenarios, and Automatic Support Mode, which responds to changing conditions and automatically selects the most appropriate mode; this mode is an important feature of Yamaha's different ranges.

In addition to commuter products, PW-X3 is also a new product recently launched by Yamaha, which is mainly designed for mountain bikes. Compared to its predecessor, the PW-X2, the X3 offers a higher output torque of 85Nm, in addition to a smaller and lighter profile than the X2. This product is also equipped with automatic support mode.

Use Yamaha motor eBike Brand - Giant

Brand: SACHS
Country: Germany
Founded: 1895

The predecessor of ZF Sachs AG, "Fichtel & Sachs", was founded in Schweinfurt as a family business. The company entered the field of electric-assisted bicycles in 2018, when ZF, Magura, BMZ and BFO established the joint venture SACHS Micro Mobility, and the Sachs RS electric-assisted bicycle engine was born in the same year.

Sachs' RS motor has an amazing 110Nm of torque, this motor weighs 3.6kg and is slightly heavier than Brose's Drive S Mag motor, but the power performance is theoretically better on steep hill rides. The main problem with this motor, however, is that the mode of power support is largely dependent on pedaling frequency, which can lead to acceleration during sharp turns and braking on steep hills. It also provides less power support when pedaling frequency fluctuates widely, much less than the maximum power that can be provided; and it is noisy on downhill slopes. In terms of developing and integrating the RS system, Sachs offers greater scope for modification and also offers a complete system containing battery, display and software; the future trend for this motor is a modular EOX system equipped with Sigma, with the help of which the user can customize the riding mode, thus improving an otherwise uncomfortable riding experience. Sachs also offers the Sachs GT 525 motor for hardtail or city riding and the Sachs CT 725 motor for load carrying, also with a wide range of application scenarios.

Country: Germany
Founded: 1920
Founded in Stuttgart, Germany, Mahle Group is one of the world's largest automotive parts suppliers. The group has a comprehensive layout in the field of transportation and mobility, with products covering engine systems, filtration, electrical, mechatronics and thermal management systems, which are quite comprehensive.
MAHLE acquired Spain's Ebikemotion a few years ago, becoming one of the key moves made by the group in the area of electric mobility.
In terms of e-bikes, MAHLE's products can be divided into four parts: drive units, batteries, trip computers and networking, while the key product suite in electric-assisted vehicles is currently the X35+, which will be launched in 2020. The system weighs 3.5kg and has a motor model Motor HUB Drive M1 with 36v/250w. With two additional batteries connected, the power can reach 750w, with a range of over 250km and an output torque of 40Nm.

MAHLE drive system and optional supplementary battery

One of the highlights of this comprehensive product is that it offers anti-theft features, and is equipped with ANT+ and Bluetooth capabilities that also bring convenience to fans in analyzing and collecting data.

However, it should be noted that the sensor used in this product is a torque sensor, and its weight gain is mainly applied to the rear of the bike.

Many well-known brands such as Merida, Bianchi, Wilier, Orbea, LeMond and Colnago use MAHLE's technology on their electric power products, such as the Bianchi E-Impulso pictured below, which uses the new X35+ system, and since the X35+ system battery is installed in the downtube and the motor is installed in the rear wheel, this This model is said to be the most concealed electric-assisted vehicle on the market, but the button on the head tube still reveals its true identity.

UseMAHLE'smotor eBike Brand -Bianchi

Brand: Brose

Country: Germany
Founded: 1908
Brose is a family-owned automotive supplier founded by Max Brose Jr. in Wuppertal, Germany, and has expanded its business worldwide.

This Drive S Mag motor from Brose focuses on the concept of a customizable motor, equipped with a battery, remote control system, and the ability to significantly adjust the motor characteristics, thus achieving the company's concept of highlighting bicycles in electric assist bicycles. In this way, the characteristics of the motor are not certain, and the motor may have different characteristics on different bikes. Since the motor is open to third-party components, manufacturers can choose to combine different modules, integrate various types of units and applications, and also replace paired batteries.

Drive S Mag performs well in testing

The motor is made of magnesium housing, weighs 2.98kg and has a built-in transmission consisting of a belt and two sprag clutches to transmit power. The clutch is completely silent and there is no added resistance to pedaling when there is no power, which is an important advantage of the Drive S Mag motor. Meanwhile, in a review organized by E-Mountainbike magazine, the motor received high scores in power support, design/weight, internal gear ratio, volume and riding experience, the motor received high scores in items such as power support, design/weight, internal gear ratio and riding experience. The motor has a maximum torque of up to 90Nm, which can peak in Flex Power mode, providing up to 410% support and thus providing good performance in mountain riding, but the high noise level in this mode is one of the main drawbacks of this motor.

Use Brose motor eBike Brand - ROTWILD

Brand:Shimano Shimano
Country: Japan
Founded: 1921

As a comprehensive bicycle parts manufacturer, Shimano also highlights the characteristics of compound in the electric-assisted vehicle market, with target groups covering three segments: off-road, commuting and leisure. Currently Shimano motor's main product series include EP800, E7000, E6100 and E5000, the first two series are mainly for mountain bikes, E6100 is mainly for commuting applications, and E5000 is mainly for leisure riding. The EP800 series is the flagship series of the popular e-MTB.

Shimano EP8 is the new Shimano model launched in 2020, which has been upgraded on the basis of its predecessor in all aspects. Compared with EP8000, EP8 system drive unit is 300g lighter, 10% smaller, 10Nm higher torque, torque output reached 85Nm; of course, EP800 series also has accessories designed for load function (DU-EP800-CRG).


The EP8 system is now widely used among mountain bikes, and Shimano says its compact size, linear power output and calibrated smooth running characteristics at high pedaling frequencies can also be applied to commuter and touring bikes. There are some reviews that suggest it's too aggressive in some road and gravel scenarios, but the specs and shape are trending towards becoming the new standard - thanks to Shimano's dominant position in the accessories space.

Use Brose motor eBike Brand - LightCarbon eBIKE frame LCES801

Brand: Fazua
Country: Germany
Founded: 2013
Fazua was founded in Bavaria, Germany. Unlike a generalist company, the company's main product from the beginning was an electric power-assisted bicycle drive.
Fazua has a unique expertise in the integration of drive units and frames. The Ride-50 Evation system, for example, has a 1.92kg drive unit with a gearbox mounted on the mid-axle and data sensors on both sides to provide balanced power assistance and smooth disengagement when the speed limit is exceeded.

Drive unit weighing 1.92kg

One of the advantages of this system is that most of the motor and drive train components can be removed, resulting in a weight reduction that brings the vehicle closer to a conventional bicycle. Specifically, the Fazua Ride-50 Evation system can be broken down into three parts: the gearbox mounted on the center axle, which weighs 1.3kg, the drive unit, which weighs 1.92kg, and the 250wh/36v battery, which weighs 1.4kg.
The Evation motor has a peak power of 250w and can provide 55Nm torque, which is not a high value, so like the SL1.1, it is more suitable for riders with some training marks who want to ride longer distances in less time, rather than riders who need a lot of riding assistance all the time.
However, thanks to the Evation's lightweight, compact design, this motor is equally suitable for both road and mountain riding.

In general, motor performance can be evaluated mainly from the perspective of output parameters, light weight, integrated frame, supporting software, etc. Before placing an order, users need to understand how much power they really need, and then choose the right motor according to their riding scenario.

Use FAZUA motor eBike Brand -Pinarello

and our full carbon road ebike frame LCE11

Founded: 2003
Country: China

Bafang has been manufacturing bicycle motor-related kits since 2003, positioning itself in the high-end market, introducing senior European industrial design concepts, and gaining a reputation for quality products at home and abroad, occupying an important position in the international market and becoming one of the leading suppliers of drive systems in the industry.
At present, Octagon has subsidiaries in the United States, the Netherlands, Germany, Japan, Taiwan and other countries and regions to provide technical and service support. In addition, international brands such as De Rosa and VanMoof also use Octagon's motor kits for their electric power-assisted bicycle products. Its products include electric-assisted bicycles and electric-assisted bicycle conversion kits, which include batteries, control devices, sensors, displays, etc. Motor types include mid-drive and front and rear hub motors, of which the front hub motor is relatively easy to install, but requires attention to compatibility, and mainly provides 250W, 500W and 750W specifications. Mid-drive motors are relatively complicated to install, but the experience is better than that of front hub motors. Bafang has also configured kits compatible with different mid-drive standards, with a maximum power of 500W and a five-way width of between 68 and 73mm.

Bafang M800 motor engine

At present, Bafang's motor products include eMTB mountain bike system, eCity, eRoad, eCargo, eTour, etc. The mid-motor series mainly includes M420, M500, M600 and M800, which are mainly used in mountain or urban applications; this year, Bafang has updated and iterated on the above series and launched H700, M510 and M410 system, in addition to the BBS series is worth mentioning.

LightCarbon Carbon Bicycle Frame Fit Bafang motor engine models.

LCE21 Road eBIKE frame fit Bafang M800 motor engine

and LCES004 Full Carbon Enduro Ebike frame Fit Bafang M500 and M600 motor engine.

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