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  • Apr. 30,2021

Following the new 180EXP and 240EXP hubs, DT Swiss also officially launched the brand new 350 SL hubs. This hub combines the advantages of reliability, versatility and simplicity, thanks to the powerful advantages of the Ratchet system and the 36T lightweight ratchet. The brand new of DT Swiss 350SL, combined with extremely lightweight weight, tool-free concept design and convenient and quick specification conversion, simple and meticulous hub structure provides outstanding transmission performance.

The 350 SL is the 350 Super light hub. When the original 240S is upgraded to the new 240EXP, the new 350SL is upgraded from the original 240S. In a sense, the new 350SL is more cost-effective than the old 240S.

This time the newly launched 350SL mountain hubs of various specifications, covering straight pull and J-bend, 28 holes/32 holes/36 holes, center lock/6-bolts, front wheels 15-100mm/110mm/150mm, 20-110mm,

Rear wheels 12-142mm/148mm/150mm/157mm/197mm, SHIMANO 11s, SHIMANO 12s and SRAM XD and other specifications, can meet the needs of any mountain bike specifications on the market.

The Ratchet System is that the entire surface is occluded at the same time. Compared with the traditional three-claw structure, which has only three points of bite force, the ratchet system has a larger bite area, more uniform force, higher pedaling efficiency, and faster bite speed and durable.

The tool-free design of the DT Swiss hub makes maintenance easier. Maintenance can be easily completed without tools, and all disassembly and installation actions such as specification replacement are faster and more convenient.

The design based on the tool-free concept makes it easier to replace the tower base. SHIMANO specifications/SRAM XD specifications, quick release specifications/barrel shaft specifications can be quickly interchanged.

The new side cover with groove design greatly improves the speed of disassembly and installation, and is more convenient for operation and stress, making maintenance, maintenance, specification conversion and other actions faster and easier.

The brand new DT350 SL MTB wheelset was availble now, check out on our homepage.

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