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Bafang M820 Engine Kits For LightCarbon E-MTB Carbon Frame LCE930

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Bafang M820 Engine Kits For LightCarbon E-MTB Carbon Frame LCE930

  • Jan. 25,2024

To make it more convenient and faster for our customers to get LightCarbon LCE930 ultra light e-MTB carbon bike built, LightCarbon has prepared some Bafang M820 motor and battery kits in stock. When you place sample order of small orders for our LCE930 e-MTB carbon frame, you can consider to purchase Bafang M820 kits from LightCarbon as well. For mass order (more than 50 sets), please contact Bafang company directly, they may offer a better OEM price, so you can save some cost.

LightCarbon E-Bike Carbon Frame LCE930

Below are some information about the M820 drive system which fit LightCarbon LCE930 light e-MTB carbon frame set:

First of all, please refer to following picture to see the standard parts that will be included with LightCarbon LCE930 eMTB carbon frame:

Standard parts included with LightCarbon LCE930 frame

The frame set including the bottom anti-collision cover and side dust cover of the motor, as well as the three sets of bolts to fix the motor. If you buy the motor separately from other supplier, you will not need to buy these accessories repeatedly. That default parts from Bafang does not fit LCE930 frame.

Below picture shows the Bafang M820 motor + BT F014 battery kits that LightCarbon can supply together with our LCE930 ebike carbon frame:

Bafang M820 motor+battery kits for LightCarbon LCE930

The following table shows the specification of the Bafang M820 motor + battery kits which are suitable for LightCarbon LCE930 light e-MTB carbon frame:

LCE930 suitable Bafang M820 motor+battery kits specification

If you purchase Bafang M820 motor and battery kits for LightCarbon LCE930 frame from Bafang company by yourself, there are some points to be noted:

1. As mentioned above, you do not need the side and bottom motor cover provided by Bafang (LightCarbon includes these two motor covers together with our LCE930 frame which better fit our LCE930 frame).

2. Bafang offers two options for M820 motor and battery, that is motor 36V+ battery BT F100 360Wh (36V), or motor 43V+ battery BT F014 410Wh (43V). You can choose either one that you prefer. The motor+battery kits that LightCarbon supply is only one option: Bafang M820 motor (43V) + battery BT F014 410Wh (43V).

3. Regarding speed sensor, you should choose model SR SD021, not SR SD071.

4. Please choose the 2-piece type for the speed sensor cable (1-piece cable is not suitable because the connector is too big to pass frame internal cable path). The cable type connected to the motor should be choosen is EB 1T1 k 210G8.5.3/M4.3 or 270G8.5.3/M4.3.

2-piece speed sensor cable

5. Don’t forget to buy the external charging port for BT F014 battery.

external charging port for BT F014

6. Bafang supplies several options of display, you can choose either one you prefer, and all would fit our LCE930 frame. LightCarbon only supply one model, that is E181 CAN. Whichever diaplay you choose, it is firmly recommended that you should choose the one with Bluetooth function, so that you can use Bafang GO or Bafang Go+ APP to connect to your mobile phone.

E181 CAN Display

7. The suitable chainring for LightCarbon LCE930 e-MTB carbon frame is 32T-38T (matching M820 motor). LightCarbon only supplies 34T chainring in our sample kits.

8. The charger included in the kits that LightCarbon supplies is EU standard (two-hole cylindrical type). Even though, such EU standard charger can actually also be used in many other countries beyond Europe.

EU standard charger

9. When connecting the cable, please identify the male and female ends of the connector according to the color, and make sure all cables be connected tightly.

the male and female ends of the connector

the male and female ends of the connector

LightCarbon MTB e-Bike Frame LCE930 Frame Bafang M820 Motor-Battery Assembly Procedures

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