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700C Undulating Gravel Carbon Rims Tubeless Ready Rims Off-road

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700C Undulating Gravel Carbon Rims Tubeless Ready Rims Off-road

- Undulating rim depth (35-40mm).

- 30mm width gravel carbon rims.

- Disc brake, 24 spoke holes.

- Clincher (tubeless ready).

- Bead hook and hookless optional.

- 2 years quality warranty.

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    UCX30 Undulating
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    Paypal, Bank transfer
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    UD/3K(customized painting acceptable)
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700C Gravel Carbon Rims Undulating Rim Depth Tubeless Ready Rims Off-road


- Bead hook rims UCX30-340-SL, UCX30-340 max tire pressure 90psi/6.2bar.

Hookless rims UZX30-340-SL, UZX30-340 max tire pressure 60psi/4.1bar.

- Undulating gravel carbon rims designed with 24/25 inner width, fit for 700*35C-53C gravel tires.

- Super light T800 rims: UCX30-340-SL,UZX30-340-SL (Max weight limit 100kg/220lb).

- Standard weight T700 rims: UCX30-340, UZX30-340 (Max weight limit 120kg/265lb).

- Carbon gravel rims have new bead lock system, better tire holding, prevent air leaking.

 Undulating Gravel Carbon Rims Features


- URD rims are now available only in disc brake version, 24 spoke holes, designed for cyclocross and gravel riding.

- In the deeper areas of each spoke hole, the rim is reinforced with special materials to enhance the rim's strength and rigidity.

- Rims profile fluctuates up and down by 5 mm, allowing cyclists to achieve better aero performance and crosswind stability. 

- Hook and hookless optional: Hook rims can perform well at lower tire pressure and can be slightly easier to mount and remove tires from, reduce rolling resistance and improve speed.Hookless rims have no weak points at the hooks where a rim can bend or break. Ultimately, the choice between hooked and hookless rims will depend on your personal riding style and preferences.

700C Gravel Carbon Rims Undulating Clincher Rim (Tubeless Ready):

Model UCX30-340-SL UCX30-340 UZX30-340-SL UZX30-340
Terrain Cyclocross/Gravel Cyclocross/Gravel Cyclocross/Gravel Cyclocross/Gravel
Rim Bead Hook Hook Hookless Hookless
Depth 35-40mm 35-40mm 35-40mm 35-40mm
Outer Width 30mm 30mm 30mm 30mm
Inner Width 24mm 24mm 25mm 25mm
Weight(±15g) 400g 440g 380g 420g
Material T800 T700 T800 T700
Spoke Hole Options 24H 24H 24H 24H
Sectional Drawing undulating gravel carbon rim drawing
* ERD 560mm 560mm 560mm 560mm
Rim Offset 0mm 0mm 0mm 0mm
Max Weight Limit 100kg/220lb 120kg/265lb 100kg/220lb 120kg/265lb
Tire Type Tubeless or Clincher Tubeless or Clincher Tubeless or Clincher Tubeless or Clincher
Brake Type Disc Brake Disc Brake Disc Brake Disc Brake
Max Spoke Tension 130kgf 130kgf 130kgf 130kgf
Max Tire Pressure 90psi/6.2bar 90psi/6.2bar 60psi/4.1bar 60psi/4.1bar
Tire Size(Recommended) 700*30C-50C 700*30C-50C 700*35C-50C 700*35C-50C

* ERD Calculate
ERD is short for effective rim diameter, it is the maximum distance that spokes bridge going from one end of the rim to another.
How do we calculate the ERD of our rims? Below are calculation equation and sketch for your reference:

URD rims ERD calculate

ERD=Rim outer diameter-(rim depth)*2+(Rim nipple bed thickness)*2

For example

ERD of UCX30-340-SL  rim=633mm-40mm*2+3.5mm*2=560mm
Most people prefer ERD including the length of the nipple head. 
However, customers may use different nipples and components for building. 
Please add the length of the nipple head (2.5mm~3mm generally) for your spoke calculation. 
If the length of the nipple head is 3mm, then ERD of your UCX30-340-SL rim is 560mm+3mm*2=566mm

A: Rim nipple bed thickness (=3.5mm)
B: Length of nipple head (2.5mm~3mm generally)

Video of LightCarbon Undulating Carbon Gravel Rims

LOGO/Decal of “ProX” can be provided free of charge, please see the picture below for details. 

Decals can be placed on the rim according to your preference , matte and glossy optional. 

Of course you can also choose simple rims without decals (UD black matte or UD black gloss). 

You are not forced to make this LOGO on your rims. 

URD rims LOGO 1

URD rims LOGO 2

URD rims LOGO 3

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