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Super light! Graphene Carbon MTB Rims

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Super light! Graphene Carbon MTB Rims

  • Jun. 28,2019

After more than 1 year's research and testing, LightCarbon 2019 new Graphene Carbon MTB Rims start mass production!

Graphene Carbon rims refer to the rims made of graphene+carbon prepreg instead of regular prepreg.

The difference can be found in below picture:

Graphene prepreg VS Regular prepreg

How much lighter are Graphene Carbon MTB rims compared to regular Carbon MTB rims? See below table:

Weight comparison

Why can Graphene Carbon rims be lighter?

Graphene prepreg helps to improve the strength of carbon rims up to about 20% (if weight unchanged), or reduce 15% weight (keep strength unchanged).

The testing result can be found as following:

Testing Data

Testing chart

If you are looking for MTB rims with light weight and still good strength, our Graphene Carbon MTB rims are your best choice!

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