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New! 2020 E-bike Carbon Frame for 720Wh battery

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New! 2020 E-bike Carbon Frame for 720Wh battery

  • Oct. 11,2019

E-bike helps you go further and faster, with less energy.

But if the battery run out halfway, it will consume much more of your energy to pedal it back.

Bringing a backup battery is an option, but it will add burden to your journey.

The best solution is, owning an e-bike with larger capacity battery.

At this stage, most e-mountain bikes are with 504Wh capacity battery, such as Shimano E8020, E8035, Darfon E4C0C, etc.

However, we LightCarbon already has carbon ebike frames designed for 720Wh battery!

The model LCFS801 is designed for Shimano E8000 motor and Darfon E4C0G battery which is 720Wh.

The main features are showed in below picture:

LCFS801 ebike carbon frame 720Wh

You can click above picture to see some more pictures and geometry chart in another page.

LCFS801 has attracted many eyes during our exhibition in Eurobike. Many people believe it is going to be popular in 2020.

If you want to be the early bird to catch the worm, plesae contact us now! (

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