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Masks Protect You From Virus!

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Masks Protect You From Virus!

  • Mar. 31,2020

Coronavirus Disease has become global crisis.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has declared it as pandemic.

Theoretically, the most effective way to prevent its spread is, everyone staying at home, do not go outside.

But human is social animal. You don’t want and can not always stay at home(you need to work and shopping).

When you have to go out, the most effective and simple way to protect yourself is, wearing a mask.

Remember, wearing a mask is always better than lying in hospital!

3 ply surgical masks

Considering some people may not be able to get masks locally (or the price is ridiculously high),

LightCarbon can help you to purchase masks in China (for your family, friends, staff, or even for resale).

We cooperate with qualified masks manufacturers (who have CE and FDA certificates), and are able to supply

good quality surgical masks at factory price.

CE certificate

So, if you need carbon frames, carbon wheels, or even only surgical masks, LightCarbon is willing to help you.

Just send an email to , and let us know how we can help you.

LightCarbon will always stand by you!

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