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LightCarbon Undulating Asymmetric Design 29er MTB Carbon Rims

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LightCarbon Undulating Asymmetric Design 29er MTB Carbon Rims

- Asymmetric rims for 29er XC racing
- 22-25mm depth, 35mm width(30mm inner width)
- Clincher version(tubeless ready)
- Standard weight and super light optional
- 2 years quality warranty

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LightCarbon Undulating Asymmetric Design 29er MTB Carbon Rims

There is a wide variety of carbon MTB bike rims on the market, so we have introduced the unique undulating rim (UAD935). The rim edge has different depths--(22mm measured from spoke hole area,  25mm measured from bulge). Rims profile fluctuates up and down by 3 mm, allowing cyclists to achieve better aero performance and crosswind stability. You can ride more steadily and safely in the wind.

29 mountain bike rim UAD935 specification


- Only available in 29er and fixed 28 spoke holes at present.

- Super light model: UAD935GP-XC made from Toray T700+T800+Graphene (Max weight limit 100kg/220lb).

- Standard weight model: UAD935-XC made from Toray T700 (Max weight limit 120kg/265lb). 

- Tubeless compatible: the bead lock design allows for easy switching between clincher and tubeless setup.

- Hookless design provides a more consistent carbon fiber structure at the rim wall. This enhances the durability of the rim and increases its impact resistance. It also provides better grip and sidewall support when cornering.

- Asymmetric rim profile design significantly balances the spoke tension between the drive side and the non-drive side, resulting in a stronger wheel structure that lasts longer.


Undulating Asymmetric Design 29er MTB Carbon Rims Specification:

Model UAD935-XC UAD935GP-XC
Terrain(Recommended) Cross Country Cross Country
Material T700 T700+T800+Graphene
Weight(±15g) 360g 320g
Max Weight Limit 120kg/265lb 100kg/220lb
Depth 22-25mm 22-25mm
Sectional Drawing carbon mtb rim UAD935 geometry
Outer Width 35mm 35mm
Inner Width 30mm 30mm
Rim Offset 2.6mm 2.6mm
* ERD 589mm 589mm
Rim Bead Hookless Hookless
Tire Type Tubeless or Clincher Tubeless or Clincher
Brake Type Disc Brake Disc Brake
Max Spoke Tension 145kgf 145kgf
Max Tire Pressure 40psi/2.7bar 40psi/2.7bar
Tire Size(Recommended) 29*2.25''-2.5'' 29*2.25''-2.5''

*ERD Calculate

ERD is short for effective rim diameter, it is the maximum distance that spokes bridge going from one end of the rim to anotherHow do we calculate the ERD of our rims? Below are calculation equation and sketch for your reference:

mtb carbon rims ERD calculate

ERD=Rim outer diameter-(rim depth)*2+(Rim nipple bed thickness)*2

For example:
ERD of UAD935-XC rim=633mm-25mm*2+3mm*2=589mm

Most people prefer ERD including the length of the nipple. 

However, customers may use different nipples and components for building. 

Please add the length of the nipple (2.5mm~3mm generally) for your spoke calculation. 

If the length of the nipple is 3mm, then ERD of your UAD935-XC rim is 589mm+3mm*2=595mm

A: Rim nipple bed thickness (=3mm)
B: Length of nipple (2.5mm~3mm generally)


Graphene Prepreg VS Regular Prepreg

Graphene prepreg VS regular prepreg

Graphene prepreg testing result


Graphene prepreg helps to improve the strength of carbon rims up to about 20% (if weight unchanged), 

or reduce 15% weight (keep strength unchanged). Above is the testing result.


LightCarbon UAD Series 29er MTB Carbon Rims Video


UAD935 carbon rims on complete bike 

UAD935 carbon rims on complete bike

Why Asymmetric Design?

Asymmetric design is becoming a new trend in mountain bike rims.

Wheelsets built with asymmetric rims are of better strength, stiffness and durability.

The main advantage of asymmetric rim is: it helps to equalize the spoke tensions between drive side and 

non-drive side of wheels.

How? Please refer to below illustration:Asymmetric rim VS Symmetric rim

In mountain bike wheelsets with disc brake, the center of rear hub (Point A) is not in the same position of the center of flange (Point B). The center of hub (point A) is closer to the drive-side. During wheel truing, in order to get hub to the center of rim, the spokes are pulled to higher tension on drive side (compared to non-drive side).

Similarly, in MTB front wheel, the center of hub is closer to the disc rotor side (non-drive side), which makes the non-drive side spoke tension higher than drive side.

The spoke tension difference is normally as large as 40%! Such big difference makes the wheelset weaker as it could be. 

As the higher spoke tension side always break easier, while the lower spoke tension side always loose easier.


Asymmetry rims are made to solve such issue.

In asymmetric wheels, the bracing angles are improved by make the nipple holes offset to the center.

Thus, the spoke tension between drive side and non-drive side is much more equalized.

Our asymmetric rims are with 2.6~3.5mm offset from the center (a bit different for different width of rim), which helps to improve the spoke tension over 20%.

Therefore, wheelsets build with our asymmetric rims are of better strength, stiffness, and will stay true longer.

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